Remove a Stain on the Supreme Court by Impeaching Justice Scalia

by LHawes on December 14, 2012

By now it is well-known that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia thinks homosexuality is immoral. In responding to a student during a talk at Princeton earlier this week, he said homosexuality is immoral in the same way that murder is immoral.

Ever the lawyer, Scalia was careful to say he does not think they are equivalent—of course not! The two thoughts just happened to occur close together in his head, and so he said them. So, in other words, Scalia may agree that killing someone of the same (or opposite) sex is worse than loving someone of the same sex; but of course, murder is also worse than robbery and rape. What they all have in common, in the worldview of Antonin Scalia, is they are immoral.

It’s been said before—even by me, in this very space—and many people of all political persuasions will disagree vehemently, but it is high time for Congress to do the right thing, protect the legacy and the future of the Supreme Court, and immediately impeach Justice Scalia.

Some of you will stop reading here—if you didn’t already stop at the headline—scroll down to the comments and start spouting off (if that describes you, I hope you’ll at least turn off all-caps and check your spelling before you hit send). But for those of you who have the intellectual security to keep reading, consider the case against our most abhorrent and overripe black-robed official.

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Frances December 15, 2012 at 7:56 am

I just wonder when/if we will ever use impeachment as just about the only way to reign in the Supremes.


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