Open Letter to Congress

by Frances on June 25, 2013

I wish I could take credit for writing this, but it came from a friend who is other worldly in his abilities. Please feel free to use all or parts in writing to your Congressional Representatives if you think it fits.

You know it’s probably unfair of us as a population to expect just because we elect someone that they instantly have gained ability. There you sit in Washington, there you sit in Sacramento, there you sit in Denver, there you sit, accomplishing very little more than you did when you won your high school presidency, accomplishing very little more, and it puzzles me why anyone would ever expect you to do better. It’s our fault, we put you in office, and it was unfair to expect that you actually know what you are doing. That was unfair, we’re sorry, we’re sorry that we put you in office and we’re sorry that you have to endure being in that office with the lack of knowledge that you have.  We do wish you would know, though, that you did have an effect and stop long enough to understand that you are capable of an adverse effect just as easily as you are capable of a good one. The difference in whether it’s going to be adverse or not is how versed you are in the subject manner and how thoughtful you are about it.  We’re sorry we thought you were capable of being thoughtful.  

Anyone that happens to be in political service, be cautious: we know you don’t know, you’re not fooling us.  We see you don’t have your clothing. We know that but it’s our fault because we put you there.

We expect more from you but we have no right to expect that. We do expect a lot from the position that you hold. We expect that whoever holds that position knows the effect it has and is serious enough to actually pay attention to making that effect be good for the people, not for themselves.  It’s probably unreasonable of us, the temptation to self-serve in those positions and the power that you wield make it seem ok. Be cautious, if you kill the golden goose, you don’t get much more than goose meat. You get one meal and that’s it.  


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