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by LHawes on February 20, 2017

The current method by which we choose our state and federal representatives is to listen to their views on the issues and then decide if they represent our views closely enough that we might support them in any given election. Their agenda(s) should be clear and we should expect them to represent those agendas after their election as they contemplate laws and issues on the local, state, and federal level.

We also know from past experience that a promise made during a campaign is not always a promise kept while serving office; that there are many instances where our representatives do not represent their constituents but sometimes their political donors or special interests. Their stated agenda during the campaign becomes only empty words thrown in the air only to get elected and not serve their constituents.

What would happen if a local, state, or federal representative had no agenda, or to be more specific, what if a representative were not allowed to have an agenda as they ran or as they served? How would we know what they thought or how they would act once in office? What could that possibly look like and how could that work within our current political system?

If our representatives were not allowed an agenda, where would their ideas thoughts and actions come from? How would they know how to vote on the issues? What if those ideas, thoughts and actions came directly from two sources 1) our Constitution and 2) the people they represented? What if our Constitution and the people were the source of every vote and decision made in the halls of government? How might that work?

We currently have vast technologies that allow communications quickly and accurately in ways previously unimaginable. If a representative were to employ these modern communication techniques, couldn’t he or she know very quickly the thoughts of their constituents? And couldn’t those thoughts be matched with our Constitution and then transformed into votes and decisions in whichever venue presented itself? And wouldn’t those votes most closely match the Constitution and the ideas and desires of those represented?

But who in today’s politics would forfeit their personal agenda to represent our Constitution and the people? Who would let go of their perceived power and adopt the Constitution and the people as their only measure?

Perhaps we need a new direction. Perhaps we need some new ideas. Perhaps we need a new political party that serves the exact purpose illustrated above. A political party whose purpose is to support and maintain the United States Constitution as the foundation and law of our land — a foundation that was followed. Any member of such a party (that) party, would pledge their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution’s sense of purpose and intent clearly and specifically. (And Every) The agenda of every member, candidate, office holder and volunteer of that party would be crystal clear – any specific agendas will support the US Constitution fully as well as “The People.” . (other than supporting our great Constitution and representing our people to that same end.)

If there were such a party, where would it get its direction? How would it decide issues and what would be the measure of those decisions? Perhaps this would be a good start. “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

If an issue arose that could (it) not be measured as to its effect upon our ‘general welfare’? Or could it not be measured as to its effect upon our ‘common defense’? Does that law help establish justice? Does that bill insure domestic tranquility? Does this deliberation form our union in a more perfect way? What does liberty mean to our country?

All simple questions with no easy answers, but answers are not supposed to be easy. And answers are seldom relevant without the relevant question and context. Wouldn’t the questions above be the most relevant if our Constitution were indeed the law of our land and it was implemented consistently?

And what about the answers? We could ask, “Does either that new law or that old law serve the general welfare?” “Does that law provide for the common defense?” Once asked there are no absolute correct answers, but once asked there is a reason to find a relevant answer that best serves our Country and our Constitution. (and to allow that) These answers will remain within the confines and limitations of our Constitution – (and also) allowing for the definition of each term within our preamble to change with the times.

There are those who claim that the Constitution is a living breathing document and it should change with the times. Others claim it is strict in its writings and interpretations and should not be changed. If we were to continually define and re-define the terms within our preamble we could serve both purposes. We could leave the writings alone and allow the document to breathe by creating laws that serve today’s interpretation of ‘the general welfare’; that served today’s interpretation of ‘the common defense’; that served today’s interpretation of justice and domestic tranquility.

(So how to implement such a change in our thinking?) How might people adopt such a change? The primary political parties have shown over and over again that their deliberations and decisions on critical or important issues are often made without regard for the Constitution of the United States. It has been used when it is convenient in promoting a personal or special interest agenda.

(Today’s political parties have proven time and time again that The U.S. Constitution is at most an afterthought when deliberating today’s important issues or at least an excuse to promote a personal or special interests’ agenda. This is a provable, observable phenomenon. Today’s political parties have shown they have no interest in the Constitution other than when it serves their need instead of the Country’s.)

In regard to the above observations, it is time for a new direction. (It) Now is the time to start exploring and facing head on what is best for our country instead of what’s best for ourselves. Simple words repeated by many, but they require bold action and to that end we hereby propose the formation of a new political party, from here on known as The Constitutional Democracy Party (“CXL Dem”) whose purpose is to support, maintain, and defend the United States Constitution as the foundation and law of our land and It proposes to do so by creating and maintaining this political party that owes its allegiance to and pledges that its decisions and continued action be in compliance with the United States Constitution.

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